Draw a House for iPad

Draw a House is a creativity app for young children.

With Draw a House, you can draw different kinds of houses by combining more than 200 building blocks (buildings, roofs, windows, doors and different backgrounds). By letting the imagination run wild, you can draw castles, mushroom houses, small or big wooden or brick houses and cover them with brick roofs, hats, cupcakes, mushroom caps and more. You can also select from a variety of windows, doors, pillars and chimneys to decorate the house to your liking.

Once done, you can save the picture to your photo album or send it to friends.

  • over 200 building blocks (buildings, roofs, doors, windows)
  • multiple backgrounds
  • additional black&white outlines which allow you to create coloring-book-style pictures
  • save pictures to photo album or send them by email

How to use:
  • Select one of the five drawers: Backgrounds, Buildings, Roofs, Windows or Doors
  • Drag a building block from the drawer to the canvas
  • Move building blocks around by dragging them with your finger
  • Resize using pinch gesture
  • Rotate using two finger rotate gesture
  • Bring an object to front by double-tapping it
  • Move the entire scene by dragging the background
  • Delete an object by dragging it to the trash can